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Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions for residential housing

Maintaining community wide standards.

The following are the Nevillewood Covenant Documents (PDF)

Nevillewood EASY READER Covenants: Download EASY Reader Covenants
Nevillewood Covenants:  Download Covenants
Nevillewood Rules and Regulations:  Download Rules & Regulations
Nevillewood ByLaws:  Download Bylaws
Nevillewood Declaration:  Download Declaration

Nevillewood Request for Alteration Form
  Download Alteration Request Form

Policy Resolution #1 - Solicitation: Download PR#1
Policy Resolution #2 - Landscape (Performance) Bond: Download PR#2
Policy Resolution #3 - Storage Containers/PODS: Download PR#3
Policy Resolution #4 - For SALE Signs: Download PR#4
Policy Resolution #5 - Political Signs: Download PR#5
Policy Resolution #6 - Garbage Policy: Download PR#6
Policy Resolution #7 - Builders Construction Deposits: Download PR#7
Policy Resolution #8 - Satellite Dishes: Download PR#8
Policy Resolution #9 - Club at Nevillewood Membership: Download PR#9

Nevillewood HOA Collection Policy:  View NHOA Collection Policy

The Nevillewood Covenants and Design Guidelines are meant to enhance and support the rules and regulations of Nevillewood's Declaration of Covenants.  A prime objective of the Design Guidelines is to aid in unifying the architectural character of Nevillewood.  The Guidelines deal with both the site improvements, architectural quality and aesthetic values of Nevillewood.

The Design Guidlines along with the Declaration of Covenants afford the Nevillewood Homeowners Association and the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) quality control over the design and development of Nevillewood.  In the case of a conflict between the terms of the Guidelines, and Covenants, the terms of the Covenants shall control.

It shall be the responsibility of the individual homeowners to insure that all improvements, activity and construction by themselves, their builders or agents will be in compliance with the Covenants and the Design Guidelines.

All original Covenant Documents for the Nevillewood Homeowners Association are kept by Omni Management Services.  Should there be any discrepancy between the administrative information (covenants, by-laws, declarations, rules and regulations or policy resolutions) facilitated through this Web site and the original documents, the latter shall prevail; the documents held by Omni Management Services shall be the one and only authentic instrument in terms of content.

Any and all landscape plans, revisions, renovation/projects, not including flowers, must be approved through an application process to your HOA Architectural Review Committee and approved by the HOA Board of Directors before work commences. 

New exterior construction and building renovations must be accompanied by professional plans with the appropriate Association completed forms and be presented to your HOA Architectural Review Committee and approved by the HOA Board of Directors before work commences.  This includes exterior paint colors changes or new awning additions.

Construction/Remodeling of decks, walls, above ground fences, fire pits, water treatments, and the installation of hedges must have approval from the Board of Directors as well as any exterior alterations before work commences.

No playhouse, tree house, tool house, green house, gazebo, or outbuildings or structure of any type detached from a dwelling, or a children's play equipment or recreational equipment (including swing sets) shall be constructed or placed on any lot within the plan without approval as to the size, design, materials, color, and location without HOA Board approval.

The community of Nevillewood and all of its various neighborhoods (sub-associations) maintains a mailbox standard.

Animal control regulations state that your pet must be on a leash and under control at all times if off of your property.  Pets are not permitted to run freely, and cleanup after your pet with proper disposal is the pet owners responsibility

All units of Nevillewood must display a correct street address in accordance with local municipality code as well as governing postal regulations.

The following shall be considered nuisances and shall not be permitted:

  • The keeping of any domestic animals by the Owner that are not kept exclusively indoors.  In no case shall outdoor kennels, pens or runs be maintained for any animal.
  • Billboard or signs of any type may not be displayed at any time, except for explicitly permitted Nevillewood real estate "for sale" signs.
  • Refuse, trash and garbage containers shall not be stored outside at any time, and may only be taken to the curb the night before trash removal, and only in the community approved containers.
  • The parking or storage of golf carts, commercial vehicles, campers, trailers, motor homes, boats, snowmobiles or other recreational devices or vehicles unless placed wholly within an enclosed garage.
  • A home business which causes excessive vehicular traffic in the Plan or which is conducted at a time of day or night or in a manner which causes a disturbance or annoyance to residents in the Plan.

The Association(s) through its Board(s) of Directors may make and enforce reasonable rules and regulation governing the use of the Lots within the Plan.  Sanctions may include reasonable monetary fines and suspension of the right to vote.  The Board(s) shall, in addition, have the power to seek relief in any court for violations or abate nuisances.  Breaches of any covenant by homeowners can be assessed at Board discretion of $500 plus $10.00 a day until breach has been corrected.

Any and all documentation, discrepancies, questions, or comments can be directed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.