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Neighborhood Watch


The mission of the NNWN is to help promote security and well-being within our neighborhood by communicating among the neighbors as well as with the Collier Township Police. We hope that by establishing an effective communication system we will decrease any criminal or fraudulent activity that might be presented. The NNWN has established a system of information sharing throughout the Nevillewood community and with the Collier Township Police, primarily by an e-mail network originally established by the Street Captains for each designated street and by telephone, if necessary.  The goal of the NNWN is to promote security within our community and is in no way wanting to intrude or invade one’s privacy. Thank you for your assistance!

According to the Collier Township Police, the following numbers should be used to report any type of vandalism, robbery, unwanted solicitor, or other act deemed necessary immediately at one of the following numbers:

Police Fire and Emergency: 911
Police Dispatch Non-emergency: 412-279-6911
Collier Township Police Station: 412-279-5051

In addition, as time permits, please contact Edwina Kinchington, the NNWN Chairperson by e-mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone 412-429-5256 (home) or 412-217-6200 (cell) as soon as possible, so that we can disseminate the information within the community if necessary.

No Solicitation Policy: The Collier Police Department does NOT give permits to any persons who are soliciting the sale of magazines for charities and they recommend that you call the police if someone of this nature is circulating through our community. While the Collier Township Police does give permits to documented and registered “solicitors”, we are encouraged to ask if the solicitor is registered. If they are, they must show their permit otherwise they are at risk of being removed by the police.