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Committee Development

Nevillewood Community Security Letter:  Click here to view/download pdf

Nevillewood Security Survey: Click here to view/download pdf

The HOA has 4 Committees comprised of Nevillewood Residents and Board of Directors.  Committees act as liaisons and recommend action(s) to the Board of Directors.  If any resident is interested in joining any of the Committees, please contact the HOA President, Joe Blattner.  The following details each Committee Development:

Architectural Review Committee:

Review resident requests,  Investigate any possible issues and concerns of Residents, Affirm that the appropriate neighbors are aware of the request by their signature, Take inventory of certain breaches of covenants that have occurred over the years, and make recommendations of what, if anything, we should do about it, Make recommendations to the Board on approval or denial.

Communications Committee:

Website creation, Website Maintenance, Street Captain Management, News Release Control, Content Development.

Beautification Committee:

Develop master plan, Oversee the design and placement of new monuments, Oversee the clean up and improvement of existing monuments, Reconsider annual plantings, Consider possible options on mailbox improvements and maintenance, Oversee common lighting improvements, Oversee common irrigation improvements.

Public Safety and Public Works Committee:

Speed control, Neighborhood watch; Pet Watch; Community Security; Liaison with Collier Township and Public Safety/Works Officials; Ponds; Paving; Fencing; Signage; Collier Township amenities including parks and walking paths/trails; Liaison with Collier; Liaison with utility companies.