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Board of Directors

The Nevillewood Homeowners Association (HOA) is comprised of 5 Board of Directors.

Joe Blattner, President (Elected 2018 - Term Expires 2022)
Darren Mariano, Vice-President (Elected 2019 - Term Expires 2023)
Bob Nell, Secretary (Elected 2018 - Term Expires 2022)
Linda Hippert, Treasurer (Elected 2019 - Term Expires 2023)
David Swanson, Director at Large (Elected 2018 - Term Expires 2022)

The Board meets the 4th Wednesday of each month with the exception of November, December, January and February.

Nevillewood is governed by the Masters Homeowners Association (HOA). There are 5 sub-associations that fall under the Homeowners Association.  Each sub-association has its own board of directors: 18th Hole Association, Annandale, Cherry Hill, Oak Hill, Sherwood Court

Annual Homeowners Association Meeting

Yearly, a mailing for the annual homeowners association meeting is mailed in January. Two (2) or Three (3) Board of Director position are filled during this meeting.  If anyone is interested in serving their community, you are urged to complete the Nomination form and mail it to the Management office by November prior to the election to be included in the mailing or at the board meeting to ensure your name being placed on the ballot.  Nomination will also be accepted from the floor the day of the meeting.

The governing documents require that a quorum of the Lot Owners be present in person or by proxy to hold the Annual Meeting.  After the 3rd annual meeting without a quorum (April, May and June) the election becomes final by law. If you are unable to attend the annual meeting, please complete the Proxy form and mail it to the management office, naming the member you choose to vote on your behalf.  The member must be in attendance at the meeting.  All Proxy forms must be received by the management office by the date specified in the mailing.